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security & privacy

GDPR compliance, a privacy-first architecture, and encryption ensure that your data are protected

An infographic named "SecureIT" stating that BLACKPIN is GDPR-compliant and is made and hosted in Germany.


BLACKPIN addresses privacy concerns related to digital communication by ensuring the secure transmission of confidential messages.

Encryption icon showing a shield with a check mark, placed between two connected nodes.

Strong Encryption

Enabled by Matrix, BLACKPIN utilizes advanced end-to-end encryption. This ensures confidentiality and privacy for your internal communication, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and intellectual property theft.

Why do I need encryption?

Encrypted messages and files ensure that only the intended recipients can read and decrypt the messages received. Encryption is also necessary to comply with a wide array of regulations and standards.

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Enabled by Matrix, BLACKPIN utilizes advanced end-to-end encryption. This ensures confidentiality and privacy for your internal communication, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and intellectual property theft.

Why Matrix?

Its security has been proven through adoption by government institutions: Germany's armed forces use a private Matrix network for communication and sharing classified documents.

Icon showing three circularly connected nodes with one being overlaid with a shield and checkmark.

safe from preying eyes

We only generate a single encryption key-pair. We do not generate a third key for ourselves as a company. This ensures that your conversations are only visible to you and the other party involved.

Why only one key-pair?

We are committed to ensuring the utmost privacy of our users' conversations. A single key-pair only for the intended users means that we cannot and do not sell your data to any third-party entities.

of German doctors use potentially
insecure communication methods.
PraxisBarometer Digitalisierung (2022)
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Closed messenger design

A closed messenger design means that an organization reserves complete control over who receives access to the app. BLACKPIN fully excludes private contact lists, ensuring the anonymity of users if required. Data that enters BLACKPIN stays in BLACKPIN and under full control of the organization.

Why a closed messenger design?

Organizations have a great need for full control over their messaging data, also because of compliance reasons. Therefore, the BLACKPIN solution was developed with data protection and privacy by design.


With BLACKPIN, you can digitize your internal communication while ensuring compliance with important regulations.

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BLACKPIN is fully GDPR-compliant (EU). We work closely with experienced data privacy officers to ensure that our processes comply with GDPR regulations, and our solution includes features for users to exercise their GDPR rights.

Why GDPR compliance?

Individuals have the right to be forgotten and to access their personal data. These rights must be protected, and users should retain the ability to exercise them.

Logo of the TI-Messenger standard developed by Gematik GmbH.

TI-MESSENGER compliant

Compliance with the TI-Messenger standard is mandatory for any messaging app intended for healthcare communication in Germany. BLACKPIN satisfies the requirements of the TI-Messenger standard by utilizing the Matrix protocol. With BLACKPIN, your organization can participate in the nationwide healthcare communication network, addressing your compliance concerns.

Why TI-Messenger compliance?

Germany's digital care modernization law led to the creation of the TI-Messenger standard, which was developed to enable secure messaging in German healthcare. The Matrix protocol was chosen as the basis for this standard.

Circular German flag.

HOSTING in Germany

BLACKPIN operates within the EU, developing the application and storing data exclusively in Germany. This ensures that our clients' data is not transferred to non-EU countries with weaker data protection regulations.

Why hosting in Germany?

The GDPR applies to the processing of personal data of individuals within the EU. Therefore, it is necessary to store our clients' data within EU jurisdiction to ensure they retain their GDPR-related rights.

Up to
can be fined for severe GDPR infringements.
Wolford, B. (2019). What are the GDPR Fines?
Cube icon.

Management of user data

BLACKPIN fully complies with the GDPR rights set for individuals by enabling the modification of personal data through our app administration. User data can be deleted in a GDPR-compliant manner or freely modified as required.

Why is user data management necessary?

The GDPR provides users with rights regarding their data privacy. The right to erasure grants the user the ability to request the deletion of their personal data. The right to rectification grants users the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data.


Security is our priority, which is why we have a wide array of security measures in place to safeguard your data.

Icon showing a stylized text bubble and envelope next to each other.

2-Factor authentication

BLACKPIN adds an additional security layer to user accounts through two-factor authentication (2FA). This feature is used to verify a user's identity by requiring the input of an extra SMS code or an E-mail code along with a standard password.

Why 2-factor authentication?

A simple password is not sufficient to ensure the security of a user account. Many users reuse the same passwords across different platforms or fall victim to phishing attacks.

Crossed-out eye icon.

Dedicated user control

BLACKPIN enables organizations to freely define user data, allowing for the creation of anonymous or pseudonymous users. For instance, a user can be assigned a number as a name. Moreover, the setup of user data is handled separately from user activation, allowing organizations to create users without granting them immediate access to the application. This feature enables pre-screening of user accounts.

Why do I need dedicated user control?

Dedicated user control is useful for organizations that require certain individuals to remain anonymous even within their own organization. Additionally, pre-screening is beneficial to prevent accidental breaches of sensitive personal information.

Icon showing stacked servers

your own server

With BLACKPIN, you have the option to receive your own dedicated Matrix server. This means that your data will be stored in one place only, separate from the data of our other clients. This empowers you with full control over user access and data privacy.

Why would I need my own server?

Conventional messengers store their clients' data centrally, lacking separation. In contrast, a closed server environment enhances protection against cyberattacks.

Up to
is the estimated global cost of cybercrime in 2025.
Morgan, S. (2022). Cybercrime Report, CyberSecurity Ventures
Phone icon showing bring-your-own-device abbreviated on its screen.


To accommodate organizations that allow personal devices, we support and allow the implementation of BLACKPIN on bring-your-own devices (BYOD). Additional security features, such as 2FA, are utilized to mitigate potential security risks associated with the use of BYOD.

Why bring-your-own-device support?

Mandating company devices is not always beneficial for employees with mobile work environments, as they are often more comfortable using their own devices.

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cyber security, digitalisation & future trends
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