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BLACKPIN is a holistic solution for flexible and remote work, safeguarding your client’s confidential information.
Male construction worker using a mobile phone on the construction site.Mock-up of BLACKPIN app for construction branch

Empower mobile users

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Confidentiality through encrypted messaging

Construction projects involve sensitive data, like architectural plans, restricted to authorized personnel. BLACKPIN encrypts messages, files, and media, ensuring only intended recipients can access and share them, reducing the risk of data breaches and intellectual property theft.

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easily reproduce complex team structures digitally

Construction projects involve intricate organizational hierarchies. BLACKPIN aids in replicating these digitally by creating identifiable groups, known as teams, with individual administration rights, enabling team leaders to manage chat access privileges.

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Solve your personal device challenges

Construction firms and employees often use personal phones for communication, which can pose security risks. BLACKPIN supports BYOD policy implementation and enhances security with two-factor authentication (2FA), helping firms mitigate these risks.

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send files compliantly

GDPR compliance mandates secure data transmission among team members. BLACKPIN uses Matrix for encrypted communication and file transfers, ensuring confidential files are as secure as your communication, effectively addressing your GDPR concerns.

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communicate with third-parties

BLACKPIN enables you to easily integrate your third-party service providers or external project partners into your internal communication. This is achieved by giving you the option to toggle the visibility of selected users and teams to others as well as managing their chat access rights.

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Efficiently broadcast news

Organizations want to share information without overloading channels with replies. That's why BLACKPIN enables news channels, allowing you to send one-way messages to a group while restricting direct replies to the message. Easily keep project members updated on current issues.

Profile picture of Jonas Kümin from PSE Solutions GmbH as part of a testimonial for BLACKPIN.
Jonas Kümin, CEO PSE Solutions GmbH

We want our team and our customers to communicate easily, quickly, and in a GDPR-compliant manner, which is why we established a strategic partnership with BLACKPIN. We use BLACKPIN for our internal communication and are thrilled with both the desktop and mobile experience. Safety is of great importance to us, and now we finally have a product in use that we can rely on 100%.

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