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sandra jörg

Strategic Business Consultant
Digital Product Developer
Marketing Specialist

Sandra's career has spanned several countries and cities, including 10 years in Berlin, 7 years in Tel Aviv, and the last 6 years in her hometown of Aalen, a center for German engineering firms. Throughout her career, her success has been marked by receiving over 20 national and international awards and by developing more than 60 online communities and digital products. Her journey into digital transformation began at the age of 18 when she founded her first agency, Eye2Eye, which was subsequently acquired by a large media agency. Through the acquisition, she was tasked with establishing the in-house creative department of the larger agency, for which she relocated from Aalen to Berlin. There, she oversaw the Berlin office's 160 employees and played a key role in building intra- and extranets for significant corporations and communities, including eBay, Sony, Swatch, and Deutsche Telekom. Embarking on a new professional chapter, Sandra moved to Israel for 7 years, where she launched her second agency, Neon Agentur, offering digitalization consultation to start-ups and large international companies.

Sandra has been working in the field of digital transformation for over 20 years. Throughout most of her career as a creative director, she has been passionate about developing new digital products and business models. She is especially dedicated to the topics of data protection and data security in the context of new digital media. This interest inspired the concept for BLACKPIN during her time in Israel, where she noticed the innovative use of community messengers by local firms in the B2B sector. However, she observed that these messengers lacked the necessary data protection for the business customer sector. Addressing this gap, BLACKPIN emerged as the secure mobile messenger app solution for Europe, positioning itself as the alternative to WhatsApp or Slack in America.

“Sandra was named 'IT Woman of the Year' in the digital transformation category at the FIT Award in Hamburg on May 31, 2022, by Vogel Media Verlag.

“For me, it's crucial that we in Europe maintain control over our data, ensuring it cannot be commercialized to third parties. Our data represents the capital of the future, particularly in the business sector. To safeguard this valuable asset, I founded BLACKPIN: a secure, GDPR-compliant business messenger. Another major concern of mine is the underrepresentation of women in IT, the start-up environment, and management positions. We women should be more courageous and willing to experiment, daring to embark on our own ventures and assert ourselves in the male-dominated business world.”

“BLACKPIN was founded by Sandra shortly after she arrived in Germany as a single mom with her 2-year-old son and newborn daughter. "You can achieve anything and make a difference if you believe in yourself, visualize your dreams, and implement them step by step."

BLACKPIN messenger CEO Sandra Jörg