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organizations & municipalities

BLACKPIN is a GDPR-compliant, secure, and streamlined digital solution for municipalities, networks, and non-profit organizations.

Made for large groups

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Large-scale organizations must ensure that their members' data processing complies with the GDPR. Therefore, our messaging solution is fully GDPR-compliant and allows organizations to exercise their GDPR rights.

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no multi-membership concerns

Large organizations face the challenge of users having memberships across multiple organizations. To address this, BLACKPIN acts as a hub, making it possible to switch freely between the messengers of different organizations.

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engage your members in

BLACKPIN addresses privacy concerns by allowing flexible user information settings, enabling anonymization or pseudonyms for individuals who need to remain anonymous within their organization while maintaining communication abilities.

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anonymize user data

Some individuals require anonymity within their own organization but want to partake in team communication. BLACKPIN addresses these concerns by allowing user information to be defined flexibly: users can be anonymized or given a pseudonym.

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efficiently broadcast news

Organizations want to share information without overloading channels with replies. That is why BLACKPIN enables news channels: send one-way messages to a group while restricting direct replies to the message. Replace your internal newsletter software with news channels.

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Emergency management

BLACKPIN facilitates internal emergency management with its extended chat sorting options. This allows team members to quickly locate essential information required during emergencies. Specifically, users can sort chats chronologically, by names, users, teams, tags, and frequency of use.

Profile picture of Sami Ehlhardt from Technische Akademie e.V. as part of a testimonial for BLACKPIN.
Sami Ehlhardt, Data Protection Officer, Technische Akademie E.V.

As a data protection officer, the topic of security in communication within companies is very important to me. I personally use BLACKPIN as a leading example to convince my clients that data protection is not just a 'nice to have' but a legal requirement, benefiting their company and employees.

accelerator and networks

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