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BLACKPIN is the new highly encrypted messenger for companies and organizations.

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Create groups or communicate in private chats,
easily set admin and individual user rights.

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BLACKPIN uses military-grade encryption to ensure that your organization’s data is safe.

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user management via admin-center

Decide who can join your organization in the Admin-Center. You have full control by adding users to your closed messenger by invitation.


Security is our priority, and your organization will communicate
based on the highest German security standards.

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Your own Matrix server


Dedicated user-license control

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End-to-end encryption

Chat Protocol

Safe from preying eyes

Closed messenger design

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Data storage in Germany

Compliant user management

TI-Messenger certification (in progress)

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Infografik mit dem Namen "SecureIT", die aussagt, dass BLACKPIN DSGVO-konform ist und in Deutschland hergestellt und gehostet wird.


Sicherheit ist unsere Priorität. Mit Blackpin wird in Ihrer Organisation gemäß höchster Sicherheitsstandards kommuniziert.



Ihr eigener Matrix-Server






Kein Datenzugang für Dritte

Geschlossener Messenger


DSGVO konforme App

Datenspeicherung in Deutschland

DSGVO-konforme Nutzerverwaltung

TI-Messenger konform

BLACKPIN privacy messenger security animation

for your industry

Eine Patientin benutzt ein Blutdruckmessgerät, welches mit einem Mobiltelefon verbunden ist und auch von der Patientin benutzt wird.


Free-to-use messengers put sensitive medical information at risk. Blackpin uses the secure Matrix protocol to meet German healthcare messaging requirements and connects all stakeholders through integrating medical IoT devices for alerts.

Profilbild von Andreas Martin von der Evangelischen Altenheimat Stiftung als Teil einer Rezension für BLACKPIN.

Andreas Martin, CEO Evangelische Altenheimat Foundation

“BLACKPIN enhanced our assisted living services through location-based messaging. We now rely on BLACKPIN for our internal communication, ensuring a secure handling of sensitive patient data.”


The construction industry highlights that there are organizations with non-desk workers who require secure mobile communication. BLACKPIN addresses their needs through an efficient mobile messaging experience for on-site workers.

Profilbild von Jonas Kümin von PSE Solutions GmbH als Teil einer Rezension für BLACKPIN.

Jonas Kümin, CEO PSE Solutions GmbH

“We want our team and our customers to communicate easily, fast, and GDPR-compliant, which is why we entered into a partnership with BLACKPIN.”

Männlicher Bauarbeiter, der ein Mobiltelefon auf der Baustelle benutzt.


Non-profit organizations are often legally required to use GDPR-compliant messaging solutions. Blackpin addresses your compliance concerns, as our app was built with absolute security & privacy in mind.

Profilbild von Sami Ehlhardt von der Technischen Akademie e.V. als Teil einer Rezension für BLACKPIN.

Sami Ehlhardt, Data Protection Officer, Technische Akademie E.V.

“I’m happy to use BLACKPIN to set a good example for my customers and to convince them that data protection is not just a "nice to have" but is mandatory by law and that it is for the benefit of your company and its employees.”


Logistics employees are often placed in fulfillment facilities. These work environments require employees to be on the move. BLACKPIN and its mobile solution allow logistics employees to stay connected while not being at their desk.


Many business and leisure networks require solutions that can easily accommodate a large number of users. That is why BLACKPIN enables one-directional messaging alongside tools that allow for quick feedback from numerous users.

Interested in the benefits for your industry?
We are happy to advise you with your needs in relation to your company.

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