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BLACKPIN connects you to your stakeholders, enables remote work, and safeguards your sensitive medical information.
A nurse using the BLACKPIN messenger application on a phone, next to a patient lying on the floor.Mock-up of conversation in BLACKPIN app for healthcare branch
medical data

built for ti-messenger requirements

Icon showing interconnected nodes.

connect all stakeholders

Healthcare providers need to closely communicate with a variety of organizations. Acting as a hub, BLACKPIN connects all of these stakeholders in a single communication platform by enabling users to access several different organizations in one application.

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full control over your data

Conventional messengers connect to the user’s private contact list, which poses a challenge for protecting a user’s identity. In contrast, our closed messenger design ensures control over user data by offering a separate contact list for business contacts.

Logo of the TI-Messenger standard developed by Gematik GmbH.

Ti-messenger compliant

Due to increasing privacy concerns, GEMATIK mandates messaging standards in the German healthcare system. BLACKPIN complies by utilizing the Matrix protocol for secure communication. We are currently in the process of TI-Messenger certification.

Phone icon.

engage remote workers with our mobile-centric design

Healthcare providers must meet rising demands for remote care. BLACKPIN enables efficient remote work with a mobile-centric user experience and ensures connectivity between mobile and office employees through our desktop version.

Icon where a laptop and phone are communicating.

invite iot devices to the conversation

Separating internal communication and critical patient events can risk patient safety due to potential miscommunication. Thus, our solution integrates IoT devices for machine-to-human communication. For example, an electronic sensor bed mat can alert caregivers via the messenger if a patient falls out of bed.

Matrix connects you to other ti-messengers

BLACKPIN uses the secure Matrix protocol, a mandatory requirement for TI-Messenger solutions and participation in the German healthcare communication network. Matrix's interoperability allows seamless communication with other TI-Messenger solutions without the need to switch applications.

User icon with the letter I next to it.

Anonymize your users

BLACKPIN addresses privacy concerns by enabling flexible user information settings; users can choose to remain anonymous or use pseudonyms, preventing identification by others within the organization while facilitating digital communication.

Profile picture of Andreas Martin from the Evangelische Altenheimat Foundation as part of a testimonial for BLACKPIN.
Andreas Martin, CEO Evangelische Altenheimat Foundation

Together with BLACKPIN, we successfully implemented location-based messaging and their smart electronic sensor bed mat to expand our assisted-living services. BLACKPIN is also used for our internal communication because we need to ensure that we handle the highly sensitive resident data correctly and in a GDPR-compliant manner.

medical devices as
part of your team


Our electronic sensor bed mat is a machine-to-human messaging solution developed by BLACKPIN in collaboration with Kinotex Sensor GmbH, Fraunhofer Institute and ESA Spark Funding. It is an impact mat that can send an instant message alert as soon as it detects a pressure change, such as a patient falling out of their bed.

The development of the sensor technology from Kinotex Sensor GmbH was commissioned by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to allow robotic arms utilized at the ISS to detect any impact with the station.

This bed mat uses highly durable technology along with modern mobile communication to make your patient’s life safer. Interested in adopting our solution into your assisted living services? Contact us!

Logo of European Space Agency (ESA) Spark FundingLogo of Kinotex Sensor GmbH.Logo of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V.
Picture of the electronic sensor bed mat used in conjunction with Fraunhofer Institut hardware and the BLACKPIN messenger application.A nurse helping a patient after being informed about their emergency through the BLACKPIN messenger application.Example of an IoT device sending a medical alert into a chat in the BLACKPIN messenger application.
BLACKPIN YouTube channel logo.
Our smart electronic sensor bed mat in use

Learn from one of our case-studies on how our solution enhanced assisted-living services

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