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Secure communication for all industries

BLACKPIN is the highly secure B2B messaging solution that enables trustworthy communication for all industries.

From healthcare to the construction industry to municipalities, associations and organizations, as well as all other industries -we offer an optimal, GDPR-compliant solution that meets the highest security standards.

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advantages of blackpin

Verschlüsselungssymbol, das einen Schild mit einem Häkchen darauf zeigt, platziert zwischen zwei verbundenen Knotenpunkten.

own adress book - less risk

Using BLACKPIN significantly reduces the risk of cyberattacks and potentially high penalties for companies and organizations. In contrast to insecure messenger platforms whose business model is based on the exploitation and sale of user data, BLACKPIN meets the highest security requirements. This is ensured by the technological basis of the Matrix chat protocol and the clear separation of the personal address book from the contact directory in the BLACKPIN app.

Telefon-Symbol mit einer Profilsilhouette im Telefon.

Comfortable as usual - but secure

BLACKPIN makes it easy to use your own private smartphone for communication within a company or organization. This flexibility combines the convenient use that users are used to from conventional messengers, but also guarantees security and data protection at the highest level.

Nach rechts zeigendes Pfeilsymbol.

Send files in compliance with data protection

BLACKPIN uses Matrix for encrypted communication and file transfers to ensure that confidential files are transferred just as securely as your communication. This fulfills the requirements of the GDPR.

examples for the use of blackpin

Eine Patientin benutzt ein Blutdruckmessgerät, welches mit einem Mobiltelefon verbunden ist und auch von der Patientin benutzt wird.

Secure communication for healthcare

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Männlicher Bauarbeiter, der ein Mobiltelefon auf der Baustelle benutzt.

Secure communication for construction

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Secure communication for organizations

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