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A laptop mockup showing the BLACKPIN messenger desktop application with a group chat visible.A laptop mockup showing the BLACKPIN messenger desktop application with a group chat visible.

More than just

BLACKPIN goes beyond simple messaging and offers a variety of features to enhance your internal communication.

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Available on all devices

streamline your communication

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level up with the desktop app

Great news for desk users: BLACKPIN is also usable as a desktop and tablet application. Our desktop version incorporates elements from our mobile application, creating a seamless and familiar messaging experience right on your computer. Stay connected and productive, whether you're on the move or at your desk.

BLACKPIN desktop application selected in the desktop application dock.
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Easily make team decisions

Larger organizations struggle to efficiently engage members in the decision-making process. Our solution to this problem is our voting feature, which enables organization to create polls inside a chat, helping you to gain feedback, hold elections, schedule meetings or make quick team decisions.

The BLACKPIN voting tool chat bubble shown with a food poll as an example sent by a team member.
Megaphone icon pointing to the right.

keep everyone in the loop

Info-chats allow you to send one-way messages to selected teams, enabling you to know who viewed it while preventing others from replying directly. This is useful when you want to share information with a large number of users without initiating a discussion and overwhelming other chats.

Excerpt from a group chat showing an example of BLACKPIN's newsletter feature where a team leader wrote a welcome announcement for the new employee.
Encryption icon showing a shield with a check mark, placed between two connected nodes.

Encryption for everything

Send files, such as PDFs, DOCX, or any media, to any chat type. All files sent into a chat are fully encrypted.
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your company profile page

A customizable dashboard that provides your organization’s members with all the information they need, easily accessible.
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let others know your status

Inform others of your current availability, giving you the choice to set your status as available, away, or busy.
Chat archiving icon shown as a file box.

archive chats

Organize your chats by archiving unwanted files and chats separately from the chat overview.
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No Multi-membership concerns

Acting as a hub, BLACKPIN enables a user to switch freely between the messengers of different organizations.

sort chats

Sort all your chats how you want, by date, time, alphabet, marked chats or creator.
BLACKPIN privacy messenger intro phone word collection secure, private, encryption,B2B, admin-center, laptop, user

usermanagement via ADMIN-CENTER

Decide wo can join your organization in the Admin-Center. You have full control by adding users to your closed messenger by invitation

eliminate administrative chaos

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Tailor Blackpin to your needs

Unlike other messaging applications out there, BLACKPIN enables you to make significant changes to the overall app's appearance. Prefer a white theme over a black theme? You can switch it! Additionally, you can toggle the availability of various features, such as specific productivity tools. With BLACKPIN, you retain visual and functional control.

coming soon
Black application theme for BLACKPIN's mobile application.White application theme for BLACKPIN's mobile application.

what happens in blackpin, 
stays in blackpin

A closed messenger design involves a separate contact list for business contacts, completely isolated from your users' private phone contact lists. For instance, when a user joins with their private phone number and email, this information remains concealed from others. This structure guarantees you full control over determining who can access the app.

Mockup of a BLACKPIN chat that is blurred and overlaid with a lock icon.
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Organize your teams

BLACKPIN helps replicate complex organizational structures by enabling the creation of identifiable groups called 'teams'. These teams can be assigned chat management roles, empowering team leaders to oversee access privileges to specific chats. Furthermore, teams can have their own dedicated chats, can be hidden from other users, and can be represented as an organizational chart.

coming soon
Organizational chart showing different department hierarchies as an example.
Encryption icon showing a shield with a check mark, placed between two connected nodes.

end-to-end Encryption

We utilize Matrix for advanced end-to-end encryption. This ensures your communication remains confidential and private.

for security

Matrix is a secure and interoperable communication protocol that serves as the foundation for numerous industry standards.
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2-factor authentication

Account security is ensured by requiring the input of an additional SMS or email code, along with a standard password.
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Safe from preying eyes

Only you and the individual you are chatting with have access to the exchanged messages. We do not have access to your data.
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compliant deletion

By enabling the modification of personal data, user data can be deleted without concerns related to the GDPR.
Logo of the TI-Messenger standard developed by Gematik GmbH.

Ti-messenger compliance

BLACKPIN is in compliance with the TI-messenger standard requirements. Our certification is currently in progress.

enhance your security

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we are fully 

Our messaging solution is compliant with GDPR regulations. To ensure this, we collaborate closely with experienced data privacy officers and incorporate functionalities that empower organizations to exercise their GDPR rights.

Blurred phone mockup showing a chat log on the BLACKPIN mobile application.A stylized blue badge featuring the EU flag, displaying 'General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679'.

developed, stored & hosted in germany

BLACKPIN operates entirely within the EU jurisdiction to ensure that our clients retain their GDPR-related rights. The development, storage, and hosting of data are conducted exclusively in Germany. This guarantees that our clients' data is not transferred to non-European countries with potentially weaker data protection regulations.

made in
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bring your own device

Many firms and their employees rely on personal phones for communication, but this approach poses several security risks. However, with BLACKPIN’s support of BYOD policy implementation and the inclusion of additional security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), firms can mitigate the potential security risks associated with personal devices.

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